If we can do better, we must do better!

If the opportunity is there, don't hesitate to grab it.

Why does the same treatment cure one person but not another?

Many people ask themselves the same question and there is a great belief that the answer to complex issues can be found in connecting and analysing data.


The elephant must be in the china cabinet

Paul Iske


What we don’t know, we fear

Only when patients have the opportunity to use their data themselves, data can find its way.

Paul Iske and Judith van Schaik, initiators of the PHC Catalyst.

The knowledge network of the PHC Catalyst

The PHC Catalyst consists of an alliance of committed professionals who want to accelerate the transition to personalised healthcare and a foundation that is the executive body of the activities initiated by the alliance.

This applies equally to healthcare. And if the government cannot organise the implementation, let them at least facilitate it by making personalised care a national priority.
Judith van Schaik
We must turn bla bla bla into action!
In the Netherlands too, we have talked for too long about plans and did too little in terms of  implementation.
Mark Rutte