P4 Multi-stakeholder journeys

In a P4 MSJ, we describe for a specific disease how the patient experiences his disease process, and what the role and impact is of the other parties involved in that 'journey': obviously in the patient's immediate environment, but also healthcare providers and health insurance companies have influence.

In the P4 MSJ, in which all stakeholders have their say:

Capture, from different perspectives, what the main frictions are in the patient's journey.

We analyse the main
trends that can have a positive effect
on those frictions.

Identify which solutions are practical to implement in the relatively short term.

Determine which solutions the PHC Catalyst will work for.

A P4 MSJ therefore consists not only of research, but also of initiating the development and implementation of concrete, practical solutions. In this way, PHC does not remain a distant vision, but becomes part of today's reality.

The framework in which we perform MSJ is Leroy Hood's P4 medicine framework: to what extent is the process that the patient experiences focused on prevention, prediction, participation and personalisation.

In 2020, the PHC Catalyst organised a P4 MSJ for Rheumatoid Arthritis and one for Depression. Summary results of these MSJs can be found via the links above.

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