PHC Visual Interactive Platform


As a PHC network, the PHC Catalyst Alliance wants to 'connect the dots' in the Dutch PHC landscape. This enables stakeholders or otherwise interested parties to connect, share and thereby accelerate PHC initiatives and learn from them.

This requires being able to quickly see those connections and see how they relate to each other in terms of content and the organisations and people involved.

In 2020, PwC and PNA commissioned the PHC Catalyst to create a prototype of such a visual presentation

Current status

The prototype was realised in November 2020. This version is limited to initiatives for the following conditions:

  • breast cancer
  • COPD
  • depression
  • heart failure
  • lung cancer
  • rheumatism

The prototype was presented to the board of the PHC Catalyst and presented later that month in the plenary meeting of the PHC Catalyst Alliance. The conclusion was that this method of presentation can be of added value in providing insight into connections within a relatively large amount of information.

Next steps

We hope to be able to further develop this method of presentation in terms of function and content in the future.

At present, there are no concrete initiatives that make use of this method of presentation. However, in the intended development of the PHC Alliance into a centre of expertise in the field of PHC (implementations), we see great potential in making the expertise of the PHC Catalyst Alliance transparent and accessible in this way.


For more information, please contact us. This can be done via our general address or directly with Paul Iske, Chairman of the PHC Catalyst.