About the PHC Catalyst

The PHC Catalyst consists of an alliance of committed professionals who want to accelerate the transition to personalised healthcare and a foundation that is the executive body of the activities that originate from the alliance.

A diverse group of people is connected to the PHC Catalyst: representatives of patient organisations, doctors, scientists, industry, research organisations, insurers, government organisations and regulators, supplemented by specialists in data science, artificial intelligence and business models.

The initiator is Roche Nederland. The alliance operates independently of Roche.

Our Mission

Accelerating the transition to personalised care

The promise of personalised care is a shift from treating symptoms to treating the cause and ultimately preventing disease. Thanks to the digital revolution, we now have the capabilities, knowledge and skills to significantly improve care.

The ambition of PHC-catalyst is to achieve an acceleration in the following three areas:


A culture of cooperation must be created in which patient ambitions are the primary driver.


Agreements are needed to adapt the care system to the new reality of a patient with ambition.


A suitable personal infrastructure is needed to collect, share, combine and apply data.


We can accelerate the transition by removing barriers and creating a receptive environment.