Personalised healthcare for every human being

If we can do better, we must do better!

If you can do better, you must do better. That is how we are in this country. We are not afraid to exchange the known and the existing for the new and innovative. If the opportunity is there, one should not hesitate to grab it.

That is precisely why there are already discussions about the next level in healthcare: personalised healthcare.

For every person, tailormade healthcare.

Personalised healthcare gives us the opportunity to better understand the underlying causes of illness at the individual level and to translate these into treatments at the individual level. This is about precision and customisation.

As a result, medication and treatments will be many times more effective than they are now. This offers the prospect of serious savings in healthcare costs, because more precision prevents all kinds of unnecessary and costly overtreatment and undertreatment.

International experts in the field agree that personalised healthcare gives people around five extra years of life in good health.

The opportunities are there. Forces are joint.

Thanks to the revolution in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, combined with the rapid development of biomedical science and related disciplines, we have everything we need to implement personalised care right now.

PHC-Catalyst was created to accelerate the transition towards this goal. We do this by forging a broad alliance of stakeholders from healthcare, government, science, business, politics, the pharmaceutical industry and patient associations.

Anyone who can contribute is welcome to join us. We have a unique opportunity to be one of the first countries in the world to make healthcare individually applicable. We can do this, so let's go for it.

To improve together what we are already good at.