Organisation & Governance

Since 2018, the Personalised Healthcare (PHC) Catalyst Alliance has been active to increase understanding of the importance, opportunities and challenges for Personalised Healthcare.

In late 2019, the Personalised Healthcare Catalyst Foundation was established with the aim of accelerating the transition to personalised care. The Foundation has emerged from the Alliance and is also entirely at the service of the PHC Alliance and its goals.This is reflected in the implemented governance model. It includes a Supervisory Board and an Advisory Board consisting entirely of members of the Alliance.


The Board manages the Foundation and guarantees the continuity of the Foundation by taking care of the financial health of the Foundation. The Board is also responsible for recruiting (inviting), informing, activating and involving (in projects) members of the Alliance.

Prof. Dr. Paul Iske


Professor Paul Iske is Professor of Open Innovation & Business Venturing at Maastricht University and Professor of Knowledge Management at Stellenbosch University. He is also founder and CFO (Chief Failure Officer) of the Institute for Brilliant Failures(, whose mission is to draw attention to the importance of experimentation to enable paradigm shifts and breakthrough innovation. He is an international author, consultant and speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and creativity.

Dr Herman Wories

Board member

Dr. Herman Wories is a seasoned innovation management professional. He has over 30 years of international experience in B2B innovation strategy and implementation within DSM, including 10 years as manager of the Incubator, responsible for new business development and R&D. Herman was active in developed and emerging markets. In doing so, he created strategic partnerships with both small start-up companies and industry peers. He is project director of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Management.

As a board member of the PHC Catalyst, Herman focuses on developing partnerships and (financial) support for the Foundation and its activities.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) is charged with supervising the Board and monitoring the objectives of the Foundation. The SB advises the Board and is authorised to give the Board solicited and unsolicited advice.

Andre Dekker


Ron Herings


Edwin Bas